We envision…

A vibrant Filipino-American community, faithful members of the Catholic Church in the Diocese of Orlando, strengthened, nurtured, and transformed by God’s life and love.

A community that preserves and promotes religious Filipino tradition, culture, and values in liturgy and prayer, in ministry and ecclesial service, for the greater glory and honor of God.


We, the Ministry to the Filipinos in the Diocese of Orlando, recognize that we have been called by God as one community of believers to bear witness to our Catholic faith, by promoting our religious heritage, moral values, and spirituality.

Alive in Christ, and united in His mission, we strive to:

Promote spiritual growth and strengthen unity through formation, religious education, and leadership training;

Utilize media and communication venues to inform, instruct, and guide the community;

Renew, nourish, and deepen our prayer and spiritual life through the Eucharistic celebration of our liturgical feasts and religious devotions, enriched by the inculturation and integration of distinctly Filipino values,beliefs, and traditions;

I nspire and empower our youth to embrace their spiritual heritage, live out their Catholic faith, and provide opportunities for involvement and service;

Foster a welcoming and hospitable environment in the community, especially for new migrants; and respond to the needs of those who bear various hardships in our community, especially the elderly, the bereaved, the sick and suffering, and those in special and difficult circumstances who may need pastoral care and outreach;

Y ield an abundant harvest of good in the Lord’s vineyard by evangelizing ourselves and reaching out to all generations of Filipino-American families in our parishes and diocese.

PURIFY, an acronym that encompasses our deepest desire to participate in Christ’s mission, bearing a wealth of gifts, talents and skills, treasured in our Filipino hearts, and likened to tiny seeds, they are now sown and planted in the American soil.

PURIFY, small baby steps with an honest longing towards maturity of faith in our way of life, in our manner of thinking, in fervor of our prayer, and in the compassion of Christ as we reach out to others.

PURIFY, one day at a time, we celebrate our blessings of yesterday as we tread the road with love and care today, gazing with hope for tomorrow.

PURIFY, an urgent call and a challenge for all Filipino-Americans to become disciples of Christ in pilgrimage to the Kingdom of God today.

This Vision-Mission statement of the Ministry to the Filipinos was presented and was unanimously approved by the delegates on June 8, 2008 at the Holy Family Church in Orlando.



Let Us Lend a Helping Hand

Fr Kenny Aquino
Fr Archie Faustino
Fr Raul Caga
Liturgy & Spirituality
Fr Glen Lopez
Mimi Maja
FMO Website Coordinator
Fr Mariano Catura

  Pastoral Care & Formation

Mila Ecle
FMO Events Coordinator

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